There should never have been a valid reason for writing this book!

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That said, I have suffered most of my adult life with one problem or another. Doctors and Dentists consistently gave me canned answers that produced either no results or compounded the problems with new symptoms via medications and treatments.

Some may view this work as an effort of frustration, others may condemn me, the author, as not knowing of what I write. What ever the criticism might be, The Theorem remains a written fact.

Debate it, argue about it or discuss it. If you find it to be to broad, narrow its scope. If you find it to be to narrow, broaden it. If you find it to be untrue, inaccurate or incomplete . . . come up with one of your own.

This is the only definition of illness or poor health that I know of (anywhere in the world) that can be applied universally.

Accept the definition to either maintain or improve you health. Reject the definition and deal with your problems within the status quo environment.

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